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Social Planning is about delivering value to communities.

At Equity Justice Access we believe social planning is teasing out community values and aspirations.

We think about evidence. We think about how a community’s aspirations might be delivered on, given the current health, educational, well being, as well as current socio-economic outcomes, potential future outcomes and aspirations for themselves and their children.

We think about what might be possible if we allowed people the opportunity to dream about a different, more equitable, healthy and sustainable futures.

At Equity Justice Access our practice is evidence based. We consider health and well being indices, social circumstance, capacity and capability, social and economic achievement, mobility and access, and climate change risk. We are focussed on demonstrable outcomes that deliver intergenerational change.

Equity Justice & Access are social planners, planning for people. We provide more than rigorous community consultation. We understand more about a city and what makes it tick than just planning for community facilities. Not that these aren’t important. It’s just we believe there’s much more intricacy involved in weaving a rich and diverse life for healthy well balanced humans than these.

Social Planning

“The first thing to understand is that public peace - the footpath and street peace - of cities is not kept primarily by the police...but by an intricate, almost unconscious network of voluntary controls and standards among the people themselves, and enforced by the people themselves.’

Jane Jacobs

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